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Attractions in Monkey Mia / Denham

With a great location so close to the beach the whole family will enjoy the many aquatic activities on offer in the crystal clear waters of the Shark Bay World Heritage Park. Enjoy incredible fishing (on the beach and on the water), snorkelling, kayaking, and 4WD beyond your wildest dreams.

The recreational fishing in Shark Bay has to be experienced to be believed. The sheer size and quantity of sports fishing species is simply stupendous and the Management at Shark Bay Caravan Park are completely plugged into the local fishing scene.

Bring your own boat or ask us to book you on an exciting day's angling with an experienced local charter operator. Your fishing guide will supply your fishing gear and bait, then take you to the best fishing hot spots around Shark Bay. It couldn't be more easy!

Wildlife Viewing

Shark Bay’s value to the world’s wildlife is so significant

Shark Bay is best known as the home of the Monkey Mia dolphins. One of the world’s best-known and most-loved species, these bottlenose dolphins attract thousands of visitors each year. But Shark Bay also harbours creatures far more elusive and mysterious. Some weigh 45 grams, others weigh 45 tons. Some are furred, some are finned; some live under the ground and others never leave the water. But they all have one thing in common: they are mammals, just like you. Some of Shark Bay’s mammals are among the world’s rarest. Five threatened mammal species are found in Shark Bay and four are found in the wild nowhere else in the world. Shark Bay’s list of wildlife credentials make impressive reading. There are more dugongs here than anywhere else on the planet, it is the best place in the world to view stromatolites and Monkey Mia is unrivalled as a wild dolphin viewing site. On top of all this the bay is home to some of the rarest mammals on the planet making it vitally important for conservation. As with all wildlife viewing you will need to spend time, and often be very patient, to have good wildlife encounters. Take the time to explore some of the sites below and you should be rewarded.

Monkey Mia Wildlife & Sunset Cruises

Monkey Mia Wildsights: Monkey Mia's chosen 'Activity Specialist'

Monkey Mia Wildsights provides Australia's only Pure Sail Wildlife Cruises aboard Shotover, an awesome 18-metre ocean racing catamaran, offering 4 superb wildlife sailing experiences. All cruises are backed by a $100 no seasickness warranty, for all fare paying passengers and a 'come-again, for free, as often as you like until you have seen the animals to your total satisfaction', animal warranty. At weekends and Tuesday to Friday in the week, Shotover starts the day at 10:00am with the 2.5 hour Wow! Wildlife Experience, followed at 1:00pm with the reputed 3 hour dugong watching cruise (Afternoon with a bunch of animals). The day concludes with the 1.5 hour Monkey Mia Magic Sunset Cruise, sail start times vary to match the sundown.

Scenic Flights

Fly over Denham Townsite

From the air Shark Bay looks like nowhere else in the world. What was monotonous shrubland at ground level takes on a totally new look from the air. Oddly shaped birridas (flat gypsum pans) dot the landscape and offshore, seagrass meadows form exquisite patterns in the shallow water. The contrasting colours of the turquoise water and arid red sand dunes are a memorable sight as you cruise along the coastline. Be sure to take a camera and either plenty of film or lots of spare memory disks!

Francois Peron National Park

Red cliffs, white beaches and turquoise waters


  • Peron Homestead - Self guided walk through the Shearing sheds
  • Skipjack Point - Wildlife Boardwalk lookout

François Peron National Park lies within the Shark Bay World Heritage area and adjacent to the Shark Bay Marine Park. The park covers 52,500 hectares of arid shrublands, rolling sandplains and spectacular coastal scenery. Features of Peron Peninsula contributed to Shark Bay's listing as a World Heritage Area. Not only in the peninsula, an ample of superlative natural phenomena, the park also contains important and significant habitats for the conservation of biodiversity. These World Heritage values make François Peron one of WA's most unique national parks.

Access to François Peron National Park is via High Clearance 4WD only. Four Wheel drive tours run daily.

Shark Bay Discovery Centre

Shark Bay’s World Heritage values on display all under the one roof

Shark Bay is one of Australia’s most important natural treasures and is amongst a small group of sites worldwide that meet all four natural criteria for World Heritage listing. So what makes Shark Bay special? To get all of the answers you need visit just one place – the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery Centre. Located in the main street of Denham, this modern centre showcases the natural and cultural values of the area through a series of informative and interactive exhibits. The centre celebrates Shark Bay's diversity of eco-systems and explores the area's World Heritage listing, natural landscapes, and cultural treasures through the use of artefacts, models, photo galleries, dioramas and electronic media. Audiovisual displays bring to life colourful stories from Shark Bay residents and interviews with scientists, conservation officers and local identities. Interactive computers display 300 year old maps that Captain Dirk Hartog and William Dampier illustrated while on voyage in the local area; and artefacts from the Zuytdorp ship wreck lost in 1712. Allow yourself at least 2 hours to fully explore everything the centre has to offer.

Four Wheel Drive Tours

Monkey Mia Wildsights: Driving You wild

Monkey Mia Wildsights personalised nature based all-day 4WD tour, aboard a rugged, very comfortable, air-conditioned 4WD vehicle take guests through the Francois Peron National Park a special piece of earth, right where outback Australia meets the coast. All tours are driven by an expert local guide and include a lunch, morning & afternoon tea & drinks, sunscreen, use of binoculars and polarised sunglasses. Pickup at Guest's location, Denham or Monkey Mia.

Shell Beach

Over 10m deep and 110km long


  • Shell Block Quarry
  • 1 of 4 all shell beaches in the world

Located in the bay of L’Haridon Bight, approximately 45km from the town of Denham, Shell Beach is made up of tiny Coquina Shells also known as Hamelin Cockle Shells. They grow in the same hypersaline waters as the stromatolites in Hamelin Pool. Trillions of these tiny shells have accumulated up to 10 metres deep forming a beach stretching 120km wide. This pristine shoreline gives way to crystal clear water of the most stunning greens and blues. Close by, the shell grit quarry can be seen on the other side of the Project Eden fence, designed to keep feral animals out of the conservation area. The turn off from the Shark Bay road to Shell Beach is to the right just past this fence, if you slow down going over the fence you can hear the sound of dogs barking, used to deter cats, foxes, dogs and goats.

You can see an example of a shell block wall inside the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery Centre. Ask for directions to the Church and Old Pearler restaurant, both made from these coquina shells. Shell beach is easily accessible by 2 wheel drive.

Eagle Bluff

Watch animals from an elevated platform


  • Elevated viewing platform 
  • Spot sharks, rays, turtles and more in the shallow waters 
  • Bird watch on Eagle Island 
  • Beach Bush Camping

A great place to view rare marine life

Located approximately 20 km south from Denham, this area is named after the osprey or sea eagles which nest on the rock island just offshore. It boasts a boardwalk which extends over the ocean and from this you can see the Useless Loop salt pile as well as the spectacular Shark Bay wildlife. Dugongs can be seen during the summer months, when they come in close to shore to feed on the massive sea grass meadows in the Shark Bay area. The raised boardwalk also gives views of two small limestone islands once mined for guano and now important breeding bird colonies. The larger island is called Eagle Island.


Worlds Oldest Living Organism

Shark Bay is one of only two places in the world where living marine stromatolites exist. These living fossils contain microbes similar to those found in 3.5 billion year old rocks - the earliest record of life on earth. As such, the stromatolites provide a record of local environmental changes. Stroll along the boardwalk, read about the history of Stumpy's stromatolite family and take in the biology of these ancient organisms. Hamelin Pool is home to the most diverse and abundant examples of living stromatolites in the world. These creatures are monuments to life on Earth over 3.5 billion years ago; a time when no other complex creatures were present on the planet. You can visit these stromatolites easily at Hamelin Pool where a boardwalk provides easy access to their marine environment. Other visitor facilities nearby include the Old Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station, built in 1884 as part of the vital communication line between Perth and Roebourne. The original building is now a museum housing many fascinating artefacts.

There are no entrance fees for Hamelin Pool. Fees apply however if you wish to visit the museum or camp at the Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station. For more information contact the station staff via the details below.



It goes without saying that you will expect the Park to be well maintained and spick and span in every way. Rest assured you won't be disappointed. For all your needs while staying with us at the Shark Bay Caravan Park, please pop into our reception and see our friendly staff, open 8am-6pm daily.



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